Venison Sausages

October 6, 2020


Hog casings
4.5kg venison, roughly diced
1.5kg belly pork, roughly diced
300g breadcrumbs
15g ground mace
50g salt
15g garam masala
20g ground white pepper
15g chopped fresh sage
5g ground black pepper
5g chopped fresh thyme
2 teaspoons sugar
Half mug red wine


Soak casings for several hours in water to remove salt.

Mince meat through the coarse plate into a large plastic box.

Mix breadcrumbs, salt, spices and herbs thoroughly in a bowl or plastic bag.

Add to meat and mix thoroughly by hand. Add liquid.

Mince again, this time through the medium plate.

Keep mix chilled.

Fry off a small amount to taste and check flavour. Adjust seasoning to taste.

Place casing onto spout of sausage stuffer. Put mix into sausage stuffer.

As meat emerges keep casing progress back with finger pressure to fill but do not overfill — the sausages have to be separated and twisted.

Make sausage strings and hang to dry for several hours.

Separate into portions, vacuum pack, label and freeze.

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